Kimono Rental & Hair Set Salon “keity”

Our shop is close to Subway Umeda Station on the Midouduji line and JR Osaka Station which is very convenient for sightseeing .
You can experience various Kimonos wearing styles from easy style to traditional style.
Also, We have a hair salon too. We offer our service at a low price.
Kimono rental and dressing is available even at night.
Rental, kimono dressing, until hair set, can be total coordination. you don’t need to prepare anything.
Depending on the plan, it is available to visit and rent Kimono on the day you booked.
Luggage and travel bags can be keeped by us until you back, so It is possible to get going out with empty-handed
We offer a number of rental items such us summer kimono, visiting kimono, Common gorgeous embroidered kimono and kimono-band.
Available in various events like weddings,
Home visiting of Kimono dressing service is also acceptable.

For more details about pattern and color of the kimono is described in the "PRICE" page.


Regular plan (The day of return)¥3500-

Plan content / kimono set + dressing Free + Hair Free (selected from the style photo)

Reccomended reasonable plan for Osaka tourism, “Women's Association,” foreigners and people who want to enjoy Kimono up to the night in easy way.

Special plan (The next day return)¥4800 / ¥6800-

Plan content / kimono set + dressing Free ※ (hair set an additional fee)

A simple plan can be used at the situation of your businness or any events. You can go out you a full-fledged kimono.

Premium plan (The next day return)¥9800/¥10800-

Plan content / kimono set + dressing Free ※ (hair set an additional fee)

Full-fledged kimono of silk that can be worn like a wedding or graduation entrance formula. Colorful patterns and classic pattern, luxurious feeling of luxury drifts kimono plan which has been subjected to embroidery.

Summer plan (The next day return)¥8800-

Plan content / kimono set + dressing Free ※ (hair set an additional fee)

Summer limited special plan reccomended for those who want to enjoy the kimono upscale than Yukata.

Platinum plan (The next day return)¥12800-

Plan content / kimono set + dressing Free ※ (hair set an additional fee)

The most prestigious dress for unmarried women at the wedding of relatives or traditional Japanese engagement ceremony

Guidance of hair set

Not only clothes, you can use the only hair set at the "hair set Salon" established in our salon.

Hair arrange¥1000-

You can select from the specified styles

Hair set¥1700-

Any hair style you want (Until 3 braids)

Contact & Application Form

If you want to use our service or any questions, go to the "inquiry form" in “Contact” page.
We will reply shortly by e-mail at a later date.
Please send the form with no input omission or no mistake.
It is accepted to visit us or book online on the day, but it may be crowded by the time zone,
As much as possible, on top of the pre-contact, please visit us.
※ For the hurry of Inquiries and reservations, call us (06-6361-7676).
(Excuse me, Staffs only can speak Japanese on the phone)

Street address: Doyama 17-5 Tatsumi Building 2F, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0027

Phone number: 06-6361-7676

Business hours regular holiday, etc.: Mon-Fri 10:00 to 22:00 Saturday and Sundays 9:00 to 22:00(We are operated outside office hours can also be accepted by reservation)

Transportation: JR Osaka Station, subway Nishiumeda walk 7 minutes /
Hankyu Umeda Subway Station, Higashi Umeda walk 5 minutes

The presence or absence of parking: No parking space

Enter the street called “Park Avenue Doyama” between the TSUTAYA (Umeda Doyama store) and a tobacco shop, and you will see our building two doors from the tobacco shop (5-minute walk to Osaka Station or Umeda Station)
Use the elevator and get down at 5th Floor. Please call if you confusing. We are welcome to help you.
【At night, early morning, day, holidays, will change the entrance of the building. Please enter from the left side of the alley of this building (this building and teppanyaki shop between) the entering by the right hand the second door (Tatsumi building at night holiday entrance)】